Special Prosecutor should investigate the Municipality of Tetovo!

Eco Guerilla will request from the Special Prosecutor to apply the example of Bitola with the Municipality of Tetovo. The Special Prosecutor should investigate the possible corruption and embezzlement of the previous municipal administrations, particularly those over the water-supply construction, transportation services for the students, as well as other cases which are known to the current holders of office.

On 31 May 2013, the Mayor of Tetovo Ms. Teuta Arifi said she found debts of 8 million EUR; however, up to this date, she never came out with details over the structure of the debt. Citizens deserve to know if criminal charges were instigated against the potential perpetrators.

We, the citizens, are still waiting for the transparency promised by the Mayor on 31 May 2013.

We demand and encourage the local authorities to publish the financial statements of the past six years, thus follow the lead of the municipalities that make them public.

By doing so, the taxpayers will learn how are their money spent, which is a legal obligation for the Municipality. So far, we haven’t seen any financial report published at the web-page of the Municipality.

We demand for criminal accountability and seizure of assets arising from these criminal activities – they should be returned back to the Municipality.