Eco Guerilla: The restarting of Jugohrom without filters is initiated, we have threats to remain silent

The environmental movement “Eco-Guerilla” in the past few days has received targeted messages along with financial offers in order to remain silent and not react in relation to the recent developments in the factory “Jugohrom”. This Ferro-alloy producer located in the vicinity of Tetovo, Republic of Macedonia, was closed in the end of 2016 due to non-fulfillment of the deadline of filter installment and permanent citizens’ pressure. In order to inform the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev about these threats and blackmailing we have requested a meeting with him. Eco Guerilla is placed under pressure in the course of time when among the European Union requirements, as a condition for opening the negotiation to accession, is also the fight against organized crime and corruption along with the rule of law.

The tendencies of this Government are to restart the factory without completing the process of the installment of the necessary filters. Bearing in mind that in 2013 the World Health Organization ranked Tetovo as the most polluted city in Europe, one cannot tolerate any possible manipulation regarding the installment of filters without rigorous supervision by independent international experts, who should determine whether the project and the filtering system meet the required standards and prevent the release of toxic gases.

The official measurements by the Ministry of Environment have shown clearly that this plant causes 60% of the total pollution in Tetovo and its surroundings. In 2015 when Jugohrom was working, the number of ill children was 31,446 whereas in 2017 (with Jugohrom closed) this number dropped to 18,578.

Jugohrom has to pay a high price for the poisoning of Tetovo. In the city of Bitola, the new Government has brought charges against the management of a coal plant because of the enormous pollution, while the same has not being applied in Tetovo. We are seriously concerned about the Government’s double standards, where not only has not the management of the plant been charged, but it has also been rewarded with financial aid. Eco Guerilla will demand material compensation for the caused illnesses and premature deaths, and four to ten years in prison for the owners and the management of the factory, as it is stipulated by the Criminal Code of the Republic of Macedonia.

At the same time Deputy Prime Minister Angjushev should know that health and rule of law is more important for the citizens than the price of ferroalloy in the stock market.

We will not withdraw! The fight for a cleaner environment will continue. Zero tolerance for the killer!

Yours truly,

EcoGuerilla Team